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Different colors of the tongue indicate different signal.

 Different colors of the tongue indicate different signal.

   Different colors of the tongue indicate different.

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   Doctors usually examine the tongue for any disease. Different colors of the tongue give different signs.  The tongue is the abdominal RC.  If the stomach is disturbed, it is manifested by the tongue.  Spots or patches on the tongue are a sign of diseases ranging from normal stomach to cancer.  In the same way, information about a person's personality can be obtained from the tongue.

   Swelling of the tongue

   Often our innate thick tongue suddenly becomes smooth.  It is mostly caused by a deficiency of vitamin G complex.  Nowadays, vitamin G12 deficiency is more common.  In such patients their tongue becomes a smooth surface.  Also, if there is a problem with the liver, the tongue becomes smoother.

Red color

   Explaining what can happen when the tongue turns from pink to red, family-doctor Dr. It is said that if the tongue is red, swollen it is called glossitis. In which for some reason the tongue becomes swollen and the blood supply increases or there may be many different reasons behind it. It occurs when there is too much heat in the stomach, hormonal changes, fever begins.

White patches also appear on the tongue. Also, if you see skin on the tongue, realize that it could be a stomach problem. Talking about it, DRS. That being said, AS round white patches are also on the tongue like other parts of the body, which is called a fungal infection. These patches can occur on the throat as well as the palate. Fungal infections on the tongue often spread to the intestines. It is also part of a fungal infection that often makes the tongue completely black. '

   Brown color

   Many people have a full tongue brown color. This type of tongue does not show any special damage. That sounds different. The main reason behind its color may be excessive consumption of tea or coffee or smoking. Due to such habits, the skin of the tongue becomes pigmented and changes its color. Adding other information about this, D.R.S. "There is often a mixture of both black and brown, which is due to a bacterial infection. The infection can cause pain, swelling or lumps in the tongue," says Sushil Shah.

   Aphasia and dry tongue

   Doctors can say that a person's tongue is very bad, which causes them to have anemia, because if the hemoglobin is low, it can be detected immediately from the tongue. Also, if a person's tongue is dry, i.e. the tongue lacks saliva or water, it is a danger sign, especially in young children, as this sign indicates that the person has become dehydrated. Sometimes when the tongue is dry, it looks relatively small, so it seems to have shrunk.

   Yiddish tongue

   Often the tongue is quite swollen. Talking about it, DRS. Sushil Shah says, “Sometimes my mouth gets full, which is called macroglossia. The reason behind this may be hypothyroidism. The disease causes weight gain, as the body tissues become inflamed and have a similar effect on the tongue. '

A lump under the tongue or in the cheek can be fatal ..!

 - Learn about the symptoms and treatment of this serious disease ...

 There are many types of rare diseases in the world that very few people know about. Adenoid cystic carcinoma is one such disease. In fact, it is a rare type of cancer that usually begins in the salivary glands. According to one report, adenoid cystic carcinoma accounts for about 1,200 of the 500,000 cases of cancer each year. This is a disease that affects women more. There is no specific age limit for this disease but it can occur from adolescence to any age. Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment of this disease ...

 As the disease progresses slowly, many people do not know about it in time. By the time people notice the symptoms of adenoid cystic carcinoma, the disease has spread to other parts of the body. The disease can spread to the lungs or bones.

 Symptoms of the disease?

 A person with this disease develops a lump under the tongue or inside the cheek. The tumor usually grows slowly and does not cause pain, but the sufferer certainly has trouble swallowing anything. At the same time, the voice of the person suffering from the disease may also change. This type of cancer can spread to the veins, causing the sufferer to experience facial pain or even numbness.

 The cause of the disease?

 The exact cause of the disease is not yet known, but doctors believe it may be caused by some carcinogens, such as pollutants.

 Treatment of the disease?

 In this disease, the doctor performs radiation treatment after the surgery. In the meantime they heal the tumor, as well as some of the healthy affected tissues around it. The disease can also be spread through veins, so doctors also examine the veins. They then remove the cancerous tissue. Sometimes the affected part of the cell has to be removed to completely cure this type of cancer. Even after treatment for the disease, the patient is regularly examined, as in some cases there is a risk of the cancerous tumor recurring.