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Halp to Dhairyarajshih

 Halp to Dhairyarajshih

There has been an appeal on social media for the last few days for help for the child from Mahisagar. Rajdeep Singh Jadeja of Ribada has now posted a video on his Instagram for that Dhairyaraj Singh. He has appealed to the people to keep Dhairyaraj Singh in his lap. This child needs an injection of Rs 16 crore for treatment. Rajdeep Singh is also helping this child on his own. He also gave a good formula.

The arrival of Valsoya in any family, rich or poor, is a source of immense joy. Whether it is a son or a daughter, the relatives have been dreaming and making an imaginary plan for his future since his arrival. But sometimes naturally arising circumstances bring trouble for relatives. Dhairyaraj Singh, a child of Rajdeep Rathore of Kanesar village in Mahisagar district and currently living in Godhra, needs help.

Why does injection cost Rs 22 crore?

Zolgenjma is a one-time injection given to a child under 2 years of age

This injection is given for a disease called spinal muscular atrophy

This is an injection of a disease that stops protein production in a newborn baby

The disease kills the baby within a few months

Zolgenzma forms the world famous Norvatis Pharma Company and has a monopoly

Norvatis bought the injection formula from the American company Avexis for a large sum.

The company was helped by the British government and charities to make the injection

Relatives and friends of patients with the disease have also helped to create injections

This replaces the body’s dead genetics with a single dose of injection

The cost of the injection is determined based on how long the patient’s life is, according to the company

The company is claiming that the company’s profit from these injections is negligible

Norvatis allows the injection to be purchased in 5 year installments in Britain

Some finance companies also refund the patient if the injection does not work

Dhairyaraj Singh, a three-month-old from Khanpur taluka in Mahisagar district, is suffering from a serious illness called congenital SSM-1.

The disease is caused by a defect in the chromosome-5 duct and requires Rs 22 crore to treat the disease. Dhairyaraj Singh from across the country was recently appealed by his parents for financial help.

Which has helped so many people so far. In which the Kinnar Samaj of Surat has also helped by collecting donations. They have collected a contribution of 65 thousand.

Dhairyaraj, a resident of Mahisagar district, is suffering from a serious illness. The appeal made by the parents of those who have financial help came to the notice of the Kinnar community of Surat and the Kinnar community of Surat also made up their mind to help them. In this regard, Payal Kuvarba of Kinnar Samaj said that if this small child needs an injection, this injection is very expensive.

While the whole country is helping the child who needs Rs 22 crore for the disease he is suffering from, we, the Kinnar community, have also collected contributions. We have all collected Rs 65,000. We will pass on this contribution to their parents and pray that the child recovers soon.

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