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Gujarat Electrol roll All Gram panchayat

 Gujarat Electrol roll All Gram panchayat

Gujarat Electrol roll All Gram panchayat

The right to vote is at the heart of every democracy. The power of truth lies in the people of all democracies who ultimately decide the fate of the country by electing representatives from the State. India is one of the largest democracies in the world in terms of voter turnout. In a world with such a large population, different provinces have different concerns and opinions. Therefore, voting becomes a way of speaking to the people.

Given the number of upcoming and upcoming elections in India and the increase in population, one cannot deny that there have been a number of instances of corruption such as vote rigging. To make the voting process smoother and to ensure that every eligible citizen has the opportunity to vote, the Government of India introduced voter ID cards in 1993. Now, voter ID cards have been formed into EPIC - Election Photo ID Cards.

What is a Voter ID card?

A voter ID card, also known as a “Voter Registration Card” or “Voting Card” is issued to an Indian citizen by the Indian Electoral Commission which serves as proof of his or her citizenship and allows him or her to vote in this. country. This photo ID card helps to improve the accuracy of the election list and helps prevent election fraud cases.

Why is Voter ID so important?

  1. It is a type of proof of ownership that can be used to obtain services in this country.
  2. Allows you to vote in elections.
  3. Proves that you are a citizen of India.
  4. It helps to reduce electoral fraud.

Persons with valid voter IDs may receive special offers issued by the Government of India from time to time. For example, you cannot apply for a debit card in India if you do not have a voter ID.

How to Enter a Voter ID in Gujarat

Applying for a new EPIC in Gujarat can be done online. Also, Gujarat Chief Electoral Officer has a dedicated website that allows voters to apply to change voter ID information and remove their names from the electoral roll. After the introduction of online Voter ID conversion services and the application of Voter ID in Gujarat, the whole process of managing Voter ID is time consuming and simple.

How to apply for Voter ID online in Gujarat

Applying for a Voter ID has become a simple and hassle-free process in Gujarat with a website provided by the Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat. Candidates can access the website to add their names to the list by filling out an online form.

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Read the steps given below to apply for a Voter ID online in Gujarat:

Visit the Gujarat Chief Electoral Officer's website. Select the "Register Voters Online" option found on the homepage.

As no one has the right to be registered on the voters' roll for more than one constituency, you should check your name on the electoral roll before applying for a new one.

If you select an option to check your name on the election list, you will need to provide information such as your state name, surname, father or husband name and age.

If your name is not on the election list, you must apply for a new one. Initially, you will need to register on the portal by providing your name, email id, phone number, address and PIN.

Once you have registered and signed up, select “New Voter Registration Form 6” on the page that appears. You will need to enter the EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card) number of your family member or neighbor.

Form 6 for registering your name on Voter ID will be displayed on the screen. You will need to enter details such as your name, address, date of birth and the details of other family members whose names are on the election list.

After submitting the form, you will also have the option to upload documents such as proof of address and proof of age. You will receive a copy of the pdf file to save and print.

You must send a printed copy to your nearest Electoral Commission office by post. After confirmation, a new Voter ID will be mailed to you at your registered address.