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Samples of births and deaths can now be removed online from home

 Samples of births and deaths can now be removed online from home

Now it is easy for you to create a birth certificate. Now you can easily make it online at home. Birth certificates work from birth to school admissions and passport creation. If you have not yet created your own or your child’s certificate, you can create a birth certificate through this process.


People in metros and municipalities had to stand in line earlier to get birth and death certificates. Currently all the process of obtaining this certificate has been done through the online system to avoid the spread of corona spread.

The risk of spreading the corona infection due to the crowd currently standing at the window and taking the certificate will be avoided. The link will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone through the online system so that the birth or death certificate can be downloaded through the online system. Birth or death certificate can be downloaded through this link. From now on, by going to the e-identity portal https:eolakh.gujarat.gov.in/, by entering the mobile number or application number submitted at the time of registration, one can download the birth or death certificate with computerized barcode and EE code as well as this certificate from any government office. And will be valid in banks. Until the second order of the State Government comes, it will have to be implemented as above.

It is to be mentioned that in the wake of Corona, people were suffering due to the closure of birth-death registration in government offices, but it seems that it will be easier for those working online. The government needs to see to it that there is no problem with the online side.

Registration has to be done within 21 days of birth

At the time of birth, most hospitals register births with local bodies such as municipal corporations. Failure to do so will result in the hospital issuing its own discharge slip or birth certificate. In such cases when you have not received the birth certificate from the hospital, you have to go to the municipal website and register for the birth certificate. Registration has to be done within 21 days by going to the website of the municipality.

In cases older than one year, registration will be on the order of the magistrate

Most states register for a birth certificate within 21 days of birth. If you have not registered within one year to get a ‘Birth Certificate’, you can register only after getting the order of the First Class Magistrate. If the magistrate gives a certificate, you can register for a ‘birth certificate’.

You and your father’s information must be filled in on the form.

You will need to fill in your and your father’s information on the registration form to create your birth certificate. In one year old cases you have to go to the sub-district magistrate of your area on the current day from 9.30 am to 6 pm. You can get the information of the magistrate of your area by visiting the website of the state or municipality.

Here can be online ‘birth certificate’

For online ‘birth certificate’ in the states, you can go to the website of the local municipality and the state government and fill up the online form and submit it. You can also download and submit this form along with the document.

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Fill out information online

Go to the Municipal or State Government website and click on the ‘Birth Certificate’ option. Fill in the information of the child and they will have to get a print out of this form. You will need to take the document with you to the municipal office. Go to the municipal or state website and click on the link for ‘Birth Certificate’.


You will need this document to create a birth certificate

Hospital discharge slip and paper or birth certificate made of hospital Proof of address (address proof).

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‘Birth certificate’ can be created online in these states

You can create birth certificate online in states like Delhi UP Rajasthan Punjab Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

You will get a single copy of the birth certificate for free but you have to pay for more copies.

There is a minimum fee of Rs. 20 per copy for making a birth certificate.

How long will you get the birth certificate?

You will receive a birth certificate between 7 days and 21 days.

You can also download this birth certificate online or go to the corporation’s office.

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